Revisiting the Roman Forum

Author: Daily Domer Staff

The Notre Dame School of Architecture will launch the first 3D exhibit on historic preservation in the Roman Forum. Read More

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Fermi Scholar

Author: Daily Domer Staff

Phyiscs professor John LoSecco has recently been named a 2014 Fermi Scholar. Read More


Author: Daily Domer Staff

As the president of Iowa Speedway, Jimmy Small '08 is the youngest president of a major racetrack in America. Read More

Virtue Project

Author: Daily Domer Staff

Professor Darcia Narvaez is co-directing a new research initiative on virtue, character, and the moral self. Read More

Peace in Rwanda

Author: Daily Domer Staff

Danielle Fulmer earns an NSF fellowship to study the impact of women on Rwandan peacebuilding efforts. Read More

Medieval Studies

Author: Daily Domer Staff

Senior Mairead Mumford seeks new historical perspectives through medieval studies. Read More

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