Innovation Park Phase II In The Works

Author: Daily Domer Staff

The late Thomas Quinn and his wife, Diane, have made a $5 million gift to Notre Dame for the construction of the second phase of Innovation Park, a 40,000-square-foot facility located on Angela Boulevard. Read More

Glassblowing Supports Research at ND

Author: Daily Domer Staff

Kiva Ford is the University’s resident scientific glassblower, as well as program manager of the Radiation Laboratory’s Scientific Glassblowing Shop (RLSG), where his work is pivotal to many studies. Read More

Notre Dame Family Wines

Author: Daily Domer Staff

The University of Notre Dame unveiled this week the 2016 collection of Notre Dame Family Wines, a continuation of an initiative that launched last year to showcase wines produced by ND alumni and friends.  Read More

New Fields to Generate Renewable Energy

Author: Daily Domer Staff

In an effort to make Notre Dame more environmentally friendly, Ricci Family Fields will serve as an outdoor practice field for The Band of the Fighting Irish, Rec. Sports and a source of renewable energy. Read More

Domer Roth '91 Finishes 3,000 Mile Walk

Author: Daily Domer Staff

ND alum David Roth '91, finishes his 3,191 Route For The Brave walk across the United States -- Atlantic City, NJ to San Francisco, CA -- today, where he'll walk the game ball out to the 49ers game. Read More

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Thoughts on Welcome Weekend

Author: Daily Domer Staff

Eight a.m. sharp last Friday morning, and I’m standing in the D-2 parking lot near the Stepan Center. It’s a bit overcast but thankfully no rain vibes in the air. Read More

Out of the Office: March Out

Author: Daily Domer Staff

How do you hear the start of another academic year at Notre Dame? After Thursday, I think there’s only one way: The March Out of the Band of the Fighting Irish. Read More

The "Un-" Election

Author: Daily Domer Staff

When historians write their accounts of the 2016 presidential campaign, they will be able to rely on adjectives with the prefix “un” to explain what happened during the hurly-burly nominating and general election seasons. Read More

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Pavel Mnev

Author: Daily Domer Staff

Pavel Mnev has been awarded The André Lichnerowicz Prize in Poisson geometry. Read More

James Wilkie

Author: Daily Domer Staff

James Wilkie is set to publish “Is Eco-Friendly Unmanly? The Green-Feminine Stereotype and Its Effect on Sustainable Consumption” in the Journal of Consumer Research. Read More

Aaron Brenner

Author: Daily Domer Staff

Aaron Brenner is the new Gary and Barbara Pasquinelli Director of the Notre Dame ACE Academies.

  Read More

John LoSecco

Author: Daily Domer Staff

John LoSecco published his recollections of the events surrounding the discovery of the “atmospheric neutrino anomaly” in the journal Physics in Perspective. Read More

Paolo Carozza

Author: Daily Domer Staff

Paolo Carozza has been appointed to the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences by Pope Francis.

  Read More

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