Using Their Heads

Author: Daily Domer Staff

A Notre Dame grad and professor develop an app to detect concussions, and an injectable compound to repair damaged brain cells. Read More

ACE Sends Forth 254 Teachers

Author: Daily Domer Staff

Following their summer training, 254 Catholic school teachers and leaders are going to serve in over 175 schools around the country. Read More

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Author: Daily Domer Staff

When is it acceptable to call oneself a real-deal, capital-W Writer? Read More

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Girls' Media

Author: Daily Domer Staff

A new video showcases FTT professor Mary Celeste Kearney's work on female voices in popular media. Read More

A Leading Scientist

Author: Daily Domer Staff

Zachary T. Schafer has been awarded a $792,000 grant from the American Cancer Society Read More

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