Participate in the ND Trail

Author: Daily Domer Staff

Please join us on Saturday, August 26 as the University of Notre Dame celebrates 175 years in South Bend! The celebration begins at Howard Park on Saturday.  Read More

ND Trail: Reflections from Day 2

Author: Daily Domer Staff

When my wife confirmed that our suspicions were correct and that we were, in fact, expecting our second child, I knew that my first reaction was supposed to be one of joy. Read More

ND Trail: Assumption of Mary

Author: Daily Domer Staff

Notre Dame pilgrims still have a long journey ahead of them; however, the group made good headway Tuesday. It was fitting that on this holy day, they rested in Terre Haute. Read More

ND Trail: Reflections from Day 1

Author: Daily Domer Staff

Whereas in the weeks leading up to this pilgrimage my assignments were laid out for me, contacts and introductions and interviews in a structured (if not formal) manner, today was just the road. Read More

Alum Walks in Memory of Teammates

Author: Daily Domer Staff

A former swimmer for Notre Dame is beating the odds. A tragic accident 25 years ago nearly claimed her ability to walk and took the lives of her two teammates. Read More

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Editor’s Picks

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Glimmers of Hope

Author: Daily Domer Staff

Perched on an orange ball taller than she is, Hope Kern giggles as her therapist tells her to stretch one of her long, thin arms and touch her image in a mirror. “Come on, Hopey-Hope!” says Christy Bartek, a pediatric speech-language pathologist at the Children’s Therapy Center at Memorial Children’s Hospital in South Bend. “You can do it!” Read More

A Souvenir That Stays Here

Author: Daily Domer Staff

Like the archival riches he described, Nick Walton of the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust overflowed with knowledge of William Shakespeare’s plays and the vast diversity of their productions over the centuries. Read More

Our Shaggy Dog Story

Author: Daily Domer Staff

In between the screams over the phone from my 17-year-old daughter, I could only make out a few actual words. It sounded like she said the dog had been hit. Maybe with a car. Maybe by her. Impossible to say from her unstrung wailing. Read More

Head to Toe

Author: Daily Domer Staff

Spring break is imminent. Weeks of rehearsals, along with school, jobs and the other demands on their lives, the actors are ready for some down time. Director Christy Burgess feels the same way, but they have many metric feet to go before they rest.  Read More

Symphony of Humility

Author: Daily Domer Staff

Boy, did I ever come to regret that comment. Nursing school about knocked me out and I developed a deep respect for those who survive. Now that I’m a nursing instructor myself, I feel obliged to eat my words on a regular basis. Read More

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Paul Miller

Author: Daily Domer Staff

Miller will join Notre Dame Law School as tenured faculty as of the fall term. Read More

Rich Taylor

Author: Daily Domer Staff

Professor of chemistry and biochemistry at the University of Notre Dame, has been named interim director of Notre Dame California. He succeeds Patrick J. Flynn, Duda Family Professor of Engineering. Read More

Darcia Narvaez

Author: Daily Domer Staff

Professor of psychology in the University of Notre Dame’s College of Arts and Letters and a fellow in the Institute for Educational Initiatives, has been named one of two winners of the first Expanded Reason Award for research. Read More

JoAnn DellaNeva

Author: Daily Domer Staff

Professor of Romance languages and literatures, has been appointed academic director of University of Notre Dame’s London Global Gateway by Michael Pippenger. Read More

J. Nicholas Laneman

Author: Daily Domer Staff

The Notre Dame professor of electrical engineering will receive the 2018 Kiyo Tomiyasu Award from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. Read More

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