World Cancer Day 2016

Author: Daily Domer Staff

February 4th is World Cancer Day. Click here to read how Notre Dame's Harper Cancer Research Institute is changing the way we research the disease. Read More

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Editor’s Picks Archive


What Hurts

Author: Daily Domer Staff

While the MRI hammers away around me, I whisper Our Fathers and send my thoughts into the universe. This is all for you, little one. I picture a happier scene. Read More

A Poetic Man of God

Author: Daily Domer Staff

It was the island I encountered first — in January of 1985, one day after I turned 27. I had seen a movie set in Greece in high school: people in summer clothes on motorbikes, sunshine through the silver flutter of a eucalyptus. Read More

A Class That's Only Technically About Coding

Author: Daily Domer Staff

It’s a Thursday evening, and Camisa Vines and her teammates have just finished presenting the video-sharing app they built. Everything had fallen into place. The app’s user-friendly interface operated smoothly, the demonstration proceeded without a hitch, and the audience raved. Read More

The Road Unplanned

Author: Daily Domer Staff

Oh, my God, I’m going to die. Terrified, the thought loops through my mind as the impossibly green leaves of the Cambodian jungle go whipping by.  Read More

The Hoop

Author: Daily Domer Staff

When I moved onto Notre Dame’s campus as a freshman, the where-I-am-from answer rolled off my tongue. I responded with my home state or, if I felt like being specific, my town. Read More

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Pierpaolo Polzonetti

Author: Daily Domer Staff

Pierpaolo Polzonetti, an associate professor in Notre Dame’s Program of Liberal Studies (PLS) and Sacred Music, has won the H. Colin Slim Award for his essay, “Tartini and the Tongue of Saint Anthony.” Read More

Michael Desch

Author: Daily Domer Staff

Professor Michael Desch has been appointed director of the ND International Security Center. He is a noted expert on international relations, American foreign policy, and international security.  Read More

Cordell Carter II '07J.D.

Author: Daily Domer Staff

Cordell Carter II will be honored at the Champions for Change Program at the White House for his work as CEO of the TechTown Foundation.  Read More

Scott Merrill

Author: Daily Domer Staff

Scott Merrill, the 14th Driehaus Prize laureate, will be awarded a $200,000 prize and a bronze miniature of the Choregic Monument of Lysikrates during a ceremony in March. Read More

Jessica Payne

Author: Daily Domer Staff

Jessica Payne recently earned the Psychonomic Society Early Career Award, given to individuals who have made significant contributions to scientific psychology early in their careers. Read More

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