Tackling Local Labor Shortage

Author: Daily Domer Staff

A Notre Dame program wants to help Elkhart and the wider region be fully staffed for its economic revival and will use the data to analyze the labor shortage problem and uncover solutions. Read More

Partnering With Local Families

Author: Daily Domer Staff

University of Notre Dame researchers want to learn from Fort Wayne families, and they have established offices in southwest Allen County to do just that. Its research will involve local families. Read More

Exploring Genome Sequencing

Author: Daily Domer Staff

Michael Pfrender, associate professor of evolutionary and ecological genomics in the Department of Biological Sciences, has studied the genomics of Daphnia for more than two decades. Read More

Alumni Association's New Initiative

Author: Daily Domer Staff

The Alumni Association announced the creation of The Chuck and Joan Lennon Gospel of Life Initiative, a set of programs aimed at activating the robust clubs network to be forces for good.  Read More

HCRI Receives ACS Grant

Author: Daily Domer Staff

The Harper Cancer Research Institute (HCRI) has received a $300,000 Institutional Research Grant (IRG) from the American Cancer Society (ACS), which is a renewal of a previous grant.  Read More

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Being Mercy: Everything Matters

Author: Daily Domer Staff

God is involved in every detail of our life, so everything matters. And if everything matters, then things will necessarily be messy. A messy life means a gray life, not a black and white one. Read More

Truth in the Age of Google

Author: Daily Domer Staff

In a conundrum, if not paradox, of our information age, facts often seem more stubborn to substantiate, largely because so many more potential sources are easily available.  Read More

Soundings: Thanks to the Trail Guide

Author: Daily Domer Staff

He had shown me photos of him backpacking in the Grand Canyon. When he learned I liked to backpack, he said next time he’d ask me to go along. So here we were. Destination: Zion National Park. Read More

Treasure Hunters

Author: Daily Domer Staff

Modern geologists search for microscopic flecks of gold diffused over a broad area but invisible to the naked eye, then extract them using cyanide and carbon solutions, for profit. Read More

Not a Trivial Pursuit

Author: Daily Domer Staff

100 mornings a year, more than 8,500 people around the world wake up to an email signed by Thorsten A. Integrity. It contains a link to six difficult trivia questions, as well their opponent for the day. Read More

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Calvin Bower

Author: Daily Domer Staff

Bower was recently presented with the Claude V. Palisca Award.  Read More

Lee Anna Clark

Author: Daily Domer Staff

Clark has published an article on re-conceptualizing mental disorders. Read More

Clive R. Neal

Author: Daily Domer Staff

Neal to been asked to examine extraterrestrial samples for NASA. Read More

Ahsan Kareem

Author: Daily Domer Staff

Kareem has been elected to the Chinese Academy of Engineering. Read More

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