ND Leads Robotics Initiative

Author: Daily Domer Staff

The summer program introduces middle school students across the country to the world of robotics and computer programming. Read More

Rescuing Monastic Frescoes

Author: Daily Domer Staff

Professor Krupali Krusche is travelling to some of the most remote regions of the Himalayans to restore ancient Tibetan frescoes. Read More

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Author: Daily Domer Staff

One of the worst parts of  battle is the waiting for it to begin. Read More


Author: Daily Domer Staff

When is it acceptable to call oneself a real-deal, capital-W Writer? Read More

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Kaneb Faculty Fellow

Author: Daily Domer Staff

Mark Caprio, professor of physics at Notre Dame, is named a fellow for his excellence in teaching. Read More

In Memoriam: Helen Hiatt

Author: Daily Domer Staff

Helen Hiatt, who worked in the LaFortune Student Center for 46 years, died this week at her home in Elkhart. Read More

Girls' Media

Author: Daily Domer Staff

A new video showcases FTT professor Mary Celeste Kearney's work on female voices in popular media. Read More

A Leading Scientist

Author: Daily Domer Staff

Zachary T. Schafer has been awarded a $792,000 grant from the American Cancer Society Read More

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