Gridiron Gadgets

Author: Daily Domer Staff

It had been years since the accident. In a box of mementos of his son, Brian, Bill Hederman came across a sketchbook that curiously he didn’t recall thumbing through before now. Read More

Hesburgh-King Statue Unveiled

Author: Daily Domer Staff

University president Rev. John I. Jenkins, C.S.C., joined City of South Bend leaders including Mayor Pete Buttigieg in Leighton Plaza in downtown South Bend for the unveiling. Read More

ND Improves Nuclear Waste Recycling

Author: Daily Domer Staff

The United States’ current nuclear power process only uses about one percent of the total energy available from the fuel, resulting in radioactive waste. Read More

Students Compete in Physics Olympics

Author: Daily Domer Staff

Ryan Kim trained for an “Olympic” event with his team on the third floor of Jordan Hall by assembling several rubber bands and attaching them to a 500-gram bag of sand. Read More

Notre Dame Family Volunteer Camp

Author: Daily Domer Staff

Notre Dame families will return to campus this summer to help serve the greater South Bend community as part of the Notre Dame Alumni Association’s 18th Family Volunteer Camp. Read More

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Summer Jobs: The Delivery Man

Author: Daily Domer Staff

It was the summer I trafficked in Coke. The best summer ever. 1970. I had graduated from high school and was playing baseball with a team that would make it to the state championship by summer’s end — a summer that would conclude with my entering Notre Dame. The ballgames and post-high-school summer liberties kept me up late most nights, but I got up every morning at 5. So did my dad. Read More

His Last Game

Author: Daily Domer Staff

We were supposed to be driving to the pharmacy for his prescriptions, but he said just drive around for a while, my prescriptions aren’t going anywhere without me, so we just drove around. We drove around the edges of the college where he had worked and we saw a blue heron in a field of stubble, which is not something you see every day. Read More

In Character

Author: Daily Domer Staff

Cast members for the Robinson Shakespeare Company’s production of Cymbeline are reading scenes together for the first time. The vibe is loose and informal, recess meets rehearsal. Laughter and side conversations fill the large multipurpose space of Notre Dame’s Robinson Community Learning Center with the white noise of a classroom before the bell rings. Read More

The Right Side of the Road

Author: Daily Domer Staff

Father Hesburgh would drive the Amish buggy. I would follow along in my car and pick up Father Ted and our dear friend David Luthy ’65 at the end of their joyride. David figured that the man who had piloted a submarine and flown in the world’s fastest airplane should check an Amish buggy off his “bucket list” of cool rides. David is Amish. Read More

Growing Up Ted

Author: Daily Domer Staff

Before he was president of Notre Dame, before he appeared on the cover of Time magazine, before The Nation named him “the most influential cleric in America,” before he was chair of the U.S Civil Rights Commission or served as the Vatican’s representative to the International Atomic Energy Agency, before he became a confidant of presidents and a familiar of popes Read More

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Adam Martin

Author: Daily Domer Staff

Assistant professor of physics, has been named the Aurora and Thomas Marquez Assistant Professor of Physics. Read More

Richard Jones

Author: Daily Domer Staff

Associate editor at The New York Times is joining this fall as the Annenberg Director of the Gallivan Program in Journalism, Ethics and Democracy. Read More

John Van Engen

Author: Patrick Borders

The Andrew V. Tackes Professor of Medieval History, received two significant honors from the Medieval Academy of America. Read More

David Veselik

Author: Daily Domer Staff

David was one of three recipients of the Dockweiler Awards for the 2016–2017 academic year. Read More

Michael K. Addo

Author: Daily Domer Staff

Notre Dame Law School has selected Michael K. Addo to be director of the London Global Gateway Law Program. He will start July 1. Read More

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