10 Reasons to Love Notre Dame

Notre Dame Magazine | January 14, 2015  


1) Because the Grotto will be here for you anytime you need it, just exactly the same as it’s always been.
2) Saint Mary’s and Saint Joseph’s lakes provide a peaceful escape on the edge of a busy campus. Somehow they are the perfect circumference for a quick afternoon jog or walk to clear your head. For early risers, there’s a heck of a sunrise to see most days.
3) Junior Parents Weekend. Ah, JPW. Because what is more fun than watching your dad lose at beer pong and your mom thanking everyone for being your friend?


4) The Irish know how to tailgate. Football Saturdays offer some of the most memorable times at Notre Dame. There’s nothing quite like everyone coming together outside of the stadium to get hyped before a game. The resulting rush of fan excitement carries through the entire season.

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 by Daily Domer Staff

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