A Letter from Fr. Jenkins, C.S.C

Rev. John I Jenkins, C.S.C | April 30, 2015 


Sexual assault has no place at Notre Dame, where we value the dignity of each person, and pride ourselves in creating a community that cares. Regrettably, Notre Dame isn’t immune to sexual assault, as our annual crime reporting indicates. In fact, we’ve seen spikes in reporting in recent years, which may be an indicator of a courageous willingness of survivors to come forward. These are not instances where assailants are strangers who jump out of the proverbial bushes, but in which students are known to one another. A review of conduct hearings over the last decade shows that all students who have been found responsible for non-consensual sexual intercourse were permanently dismissed from the University. Still, combating sexual assault is an ongoing concern and a priority of mine.

I have asked Erin Hoffmann Harding, Vice President for Student Affairs, to write separately and in greater detail to all students to remind them how to report sexual assault, what support services are available and what more we can do collectively to prevent it.

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 by Daily Domer Staff

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