Accelerating Cancer Research

Kallie O'Connell | July 17, 2015 


With cancer affecting millions of lives each year, Notre Dame scientists are working to develop personalized cancer vaccine therapies with the help of computational modeling. The recent acquisition of a General Purpose Graphics Processing Unit (GPGPU) computer cluster has significantly accelerated output for Notre Dame researchers. Led by Brian Baker, associate dean for research and graduate studies in the College of Science and professor of chemistry and biochemistry, an interdisciplinary team of biophysicists, biochemists and immunologists are using the GPGPU cluster to develop new immunotherapeutics. The cluster is maintained and housed by the Center for Research Computing at Union Station Technology Center, downtown South Bend.

Cory Ayres, a biochemistry graduate student who is co-advised by Baker and Steven Corcelli, associate professor of chemistry and biochemistry, leads the computational effort. Ayres focuses his research on molecular dynamics studies of T-Cell receptors (TCRs) and major histocompatibility complex proteins bound to peptide antigens (pMHCs). 

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