American Cancer Society Grant

Harper Cancer Research Institute | February 12, 2015 


The Harper Cancer Research Institute is a unique multidisciplinary organization, merging engineers, biologists, physicists, mathematicians, chemists and psychologists, who are all dedicated to its mission to conduct innovative and integrative cancer research.

We are pleased to announce that the Harper Cancer Research Institute (HCRI) received an Institutional Research Grant (IRG) from the American Cancer Society (ACS). News of the accomplishment traveled quickly to the organization’s community collaborators. 
“The Harper Cancer Research Institute is how Notre Dame fights back against cancer,” says Mike Brey, head coach of Notre Dame’s men’s basketball team. “Knowing that such innovative research happens here on campus made me eager to partner with them to support cancer research funding and raise awareness.” HCRI  has become known for its approach to research cancer in a local community. Alliances have been formed with other cancer patient advocacy groups which has significantly increased cancer funding in the community. 

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 by Daily Domer Staff