An Archivist's Eulogy for Fr. Hesburgh

Wendy Clauson Schlereth | March 6, 2015 


I mourn the passing of Father Ted in a deeply personal as well as professional way.


In 1978, when I was an ambitious but still young archivist, he believed in me enough to give me the chance to be University Archivist, passing over others who on paper looked to be far more qualified at that point in time than I was.  
I had little doubt, of course, that I was equipped to do the job, but I think Father Ted’s choice startled more than a few.  He could, and did, take those kinds of chances when it came to people.  Because it wasn’t just who you were on paper that mattered to him, it was who he believed you to be, and perhaps more importantly what you were capable of becoming that was most important. Father Ted inspired so many of us to become all that he saw in us, even when others may have been more short sighted.

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 by Daily Domer Staff

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