Anthony Kroese

ND Law School Writer | November 28, 2016

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Anthony Kroese, 3L, has been on a mission to take student events and make them more fun, more efficient, more consequential. The Buffalo, New York, native is committed to improving his peers’ social and academic experience, he said, because he wants Notre Dame Law School to stand out from other top-tier law programs.

“When prospective students come to Notre Dame, I want them to recognize the difference,” Kroese said. “I want them to know there is a holistic approach to education at Notre Dame. We care about the whole person: mind, body, and spirit.”

To build a stronger sense of community, Kroese gets involved. Currently, he chairs the social committee of Notre Dame’s Student Bar Association, an organization he joined when began his law school education. His involvement, however, goes beyond student programming: He is one of Notre Dame’s student representatives for the American Bar Association, an editor of the Journal of College and University Law, and an admissions fellow with the Law School’s Admissions Office.

“There’s a sense of community and tradition here,” said Kroese. “It’s important we as students carry that forward and make it better for future students.”

Fall Ball, an annual semi-formal dance that takes place during the fall semester, is one of the events Kroese set out to make better. He booked the venue — South Bend’s Century Center — hired the DJ, and created an opportunity for students to spend time together outside of the Law School. His goal was to ensure there was space for all students to talk, connect, and actually network with one another.

“It is a complete relief for me that someone like Anthony was in charge of one of our biggest SBA events of the semester,” said Lauren Nottoli, 3L, and president of the SBA. “He brought so many new ideas to the table. He took the event further than I ever could have imagined. I had many people tell me that Fall Ball was one of the best law school events. That’s all because of Anthony.”

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