Behind the Scenes with Demetrius Jackson

Demetrius Jackson | June 27, 2016 


People know who my foster parents are. I am black and they are white. I love my family and they love me back. I love my biological family and they love me. It is part of who I am, two different families. I embrace it. It was the situation I was put into and I made the best of it.

I didn't see it as anything abnormal. My surroundings were normal for me because that was what it had always been. That is the way I was raised. Just be a kid and play basketball.

I lived near a park with a couple courts where we would go play. Our house was just minutes away so I could always walk there to shoot hoops. We had a rule that you could not come and go all day in the house. If you went outside you were outside for the entire day. I would go out with my friends from early afternoon until the street lights came on. We spent the day playing pickup games, tag, just being kids.

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 by Daily Domer Staff

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