Cancer survivors wanted

Harper Cancer Research Institute | October 16, 2015 


During the summer between her freshman and sophomore year at Notre Dame, Senior Anthropology major Teresa Kennedy saw a news story about a young boy her age who had cancer. As a final wish, the boy launched a program focused on giving back to his community.

"Seeing a clip of a person my age, doing something so amazing just hit me,'' says Kennedy. For this Massachusetts native, it was personaI. Kennedy is a cancer survivor.
Up until she saw the video, she just wanted to blend in with other students. She had no interest in bringing attention to what she had been through. When Kennedy was thirteen she was diagnosed with soft tissue cancer and in her mind it was “very minor compared to the other people in the group.”
"Since my experience, I have tried to avoid the topic because I was put on a pedestal just because I had cancer.”

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 by Daily Domer Staff

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