College Debate 2016

William G. Gilroy | October 19, 2016

Pratham Juneja

Many Americans have expressed their displeasure at the ugly tone of this year’s unusual presidential election. Prathm Juneja, a University of Notre Dame sophomore studying political science and computer science, and his peers have been working to counteract this tone by encouraging civic discourse at their universities.

Juneja applied and was accepted to participate in College Debate 2016, a nonpartisan initiative that seeks to empower younger citizens in the electoral process. The first-of-its-kind initiative was created by Dominican University of California, a Voter Education Partner of the Commission on Presidential Debates. College Debate 2016 drew on technology and social media to generate discussion of issues important to students and to bring those issues to the attention of the moderators of the presidential debates. The focus was on promoting civil discourse, understanding responsible digital citizenry, and avoiding stereotypes and assumptions while focusing on issues rather than party politics.

Juneja and his 124 fellow College Debate delegates gathered on the Dominican campus in June for a planning and training session.

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