Dillon Hall Rector

Dennis Brown | March 24, 2015 


Rectors at the University of Notre Dame play a pivotal role in cultivating the seamless integration of student life from classrooms to residence halls. They lead the residential communities that are a distinctive component of a Notre Dame undergraduate education and lie at the heart of students’ personal development and formation.

“Rectors work tirelessly to foster a community where students care for one another and grow spiritually, succeed academically and thrive socially,” said Erin Hoffmann Harding, vice president for student affairs. “The University is committed to forever preserving the important role rectors play in the lives of Notre Dame students.”
In recognition of the significance of these positions, Notre Dame has launched a new priority to endow all rector positions in the 29 residential halls. Alumnus James Corgel and his wife, Christine, have created the first such endowment with a $1 million gift for the rector’s position in Dillon Hall.

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