Don't Forget Now

Alex Beam | April 6, 2016

It happens every so often. You are perusing the obituary section of a newspaper or magazine — the “Irish sports pages,” as we call them in Boston — and you read a person’s life story from beginning to end. Instead of feeling sad, you feel uplifted. Gosh, you say to yourself, Poppa Neutrino had a fun life!

Poppa Neutrino did have a fun life. Like most fun lives, this one didn’t fit into any predetermined category. I suppose you could call Neutrino, born William David Pearlman, a drifter. In 1998, he floated across the Atlantic on a raft assembled from junk. He floated to Cuba in 2004 and ran for president as the standard-bearer of the Owl Party in 2008. The Owls, he explained, were halfway between the hawks and the doves.

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 by Daily Domer Staff

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