Dorm Christmas Traditions

Natalie Weber | December 13, 2016

Alumni Hall Xmas Lights Full

As the semester winds down, many dorms come together to celebrate Christmas with different traditions.

As part of its celebrations, Alumni Hall has a candlelight Mass each year. According to Alumni Hall president Matthew Krach, everyone wears formal attire to the Mass, which he says is well-attended.

“Everyone wears suits and ties and dresses up, and usually it’s a standing-room-only Mass, so it’s pretty good,” Krach said. “We have this hanging Advent wreath near the altar, and for each Advent Mass we always have one of the shorter freshmen try and light the wreath with one of the lighters, and it always takes like five minutes for them to actually get it lit.”

The dorm also hosts a Christmas party each year for those who have volunteered in the dorm during the semester.

“We have a Christmas dinner for anyone who’s contributed to the dorm in any way, like any commissioners, or Eucharistic ministers or people who play in the band,” Krach said.

In the days leading up to Christmas, Breen-Phillips Hall hosts its Christmas-themed formal and announces the winners of its decorating contests, according to Sister Mary McNamara, the hall’s rector.

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 by Daily Domer Staff