François Ledrappier

Tammi Freehling | November 9, 2016 

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François Ledrappier, Notre Dame professor emeritus of mathematics, Directeur de Recherche with the French CNRS, and member of the Probability and Random Models Laboratory at the Université Paris VI, was recently awarded a Grand Prize of the French Academy of Sciences. He was one of four mathematicians to win a grand prize this year and one of 35 across all scientific disciplines in France, from cardiology to atomic physics.

Ledrappier’s particular prize is known as the Sophie Germain Prize. Endowed in 2003, it was established to honor a French mathematician for research in the foundations of mathematics. It is named for Sophie Germain (1776–1831), a French mathematician, physicist, and philosopher who, among other things, won the grand prize from the Paris Academy of Sciences for her work on the theory of elasticity.

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