Gabriel Said Reynolds

Michael O. Garvey | August 8, 2015

University of Notre Dame theologian Gabriel Reynolds studies the Quran and the interactions between Christians and Muslims. Academic courses taught by Reynolds include “Foundations of Theology,” “Islam and Christian Theology,” “The Qur’an and Its Relation to the Bible,” “The Holy Land” and “Islamic Origins.” He is the author of the forthcoming book “The Qurʾan in Conversation with the Bible: The Qurʾan Translation of Ali Quli Qaraʾi Annotated with Biblical Texts and Commentary.”

How would you describe the research you pursue?
My research is focused on the study of the Quran in general and the relationship of the Quran to the Bible in particular. I am convinced that the Quran — traditionally thought to have been proclaimed in a largely pagan environment — was in fact proclaimed in the midst of Jews and (especially) Christians, and that it is best understood when we understand the way it refers to Biblical literature. The Quran and the Bible, in my opinion, are intimately connected.
A secondary area of research is the relationship between Muslims and Christians through the centuries, including theology, culture and politics.

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