Global Doc: Small Joys to the World

Dr. Vincent DeGennaro Jr. '02 | December 23, 2015

These are difficult times. With so much negativity in the news, it’s easy to fall into despair. Our daily lives can be peppered with hardships. The line of work I have chosen is never easy, and small inconveniences can needle their way deep into your being.

The bank in Haiti won’t accept a check because they can’t read my signature — as if a signature needs to be legible. I forget to pay the internet bill on time, which has to be done at a store 30 minutes away, leaving the whole office unable to work. The young consulate agent at the U.S. embassy denies our partner’s visa application, jeopardizing his ability to go to Miami for training and our ability to open the first pathology lab outside Port-au-Prince.

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 by Daily Domer Staff

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