Grace is a Hobble-Wheeled Bicycle

John Corgan '11 | January 21, 2015

I lost my friend Devin for several hours the last night of sophomore year at Notre Dame. I don’t mean that euphemistically. We actually lost him, like a North Face jacket at Finny’s bar or an untethered child at Disney World. There one moment and gone the next. He ran away during a late night walk around the lakes, and for a good two or three hours nobody in our group knew where he was.

Devin had a habit of doing things like that. He was a “runner” — give him a few drinks, and while your back was turned he’d sprint down the hallway, out the door and straight across South Quad until somebody went after him. For the first several months I knew him, running away was Devin’s peculiar way of showing that he liked your company, a game of hide-and-go-seek he instigated without any warning and absent the consent of the other parties involved.

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 by Daily Domer Staff

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