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Deanna Csomo McCool | December 15, 2016

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Holy Cross senior Laura Boykins didn’t consider how much her consumption – from food to clothes to hair care products – affected the environment until she traveled to India and South Africa. The experience opened her eyes to the ways in which people in the United States overuse resources.

“The first time I was introduced to sustainable living, I felt like I changed my whole lifestyle,” she told her class during a series of group presentations Dec. 12 that capped off a first-of-a-kind course examining sustainable living and the Holy Cross Charism on the campuses of Notre Dame, St. Mary’s and Holy Cross.

Six groups of students described how the campuses could boost the management of natural resources and increase sustainability practices – all while enhancing commitment to Catholic social teaching. Students from each school were enrolled in the two-credit interdisciplinary class that rotated weekly among the campuses. The class grew out of a series of discussions among faculty about how they could collaborate to promote sustainable education, and was taught by a team of professors from the three campuses, including Chris Cobb (St. Mary’s), Mike Griffin (Holy Cross), Margie Pfeil (Notre Dame), Andrew Polaniecki (Holy Cross) and Rachel Novick (Notre Dame). 

Students tackled a variety of topics, researching how other campuses around the country instituted potential solutions and suggesting programs that could be instituted here.

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