A Tribute to Billy Meckling

Fighting Irish Athletics | June 3, 2015 


"I am strong, if you are strong."

Repeat that phrase and ruminate on what it means.
The first part--"I am strong"--is a declarative statement. It can pertain to any type of strength--physical, mental or emotional--yet it pertains only to an individual.
The second part of the saying--"if you are strong"--is where the symbolism lies. The person in the first part needs others to be strong, because that personal strength actually is drawn from those other individuals.
So this phrase, this simple mantra, is more of a cause-and-effect statement. "If you are strong, I am strong" is how it should really be said.  
The University of Notre Dame fencing team adopted this mantra for the 2014-15 season, and no one embodied its meaning more so than William "Billy" Meckling. A senior from Denver, Colorado, Meckling served as a mentor to a young Irish sabre squad that helped clinch the 2015 Atlantic Coast Conference team title for Notre Dame.

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 by Daily Domer Staff

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