Importance of Student Managers

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Teagan Dillon | February 8, 2018

It’s just after midnight and senior Maggie Rogers has put on her pajamas to wind down after a full day of classes and work. Suddenly, she realizes that nobody took care of the laundry after practice, and the team leaves for an away game in the morning.

Rogers has no choice. She throws her winter boots on over her pajama pants and runs a half-mile through the snow to the JACC to put the laundry in.

“But I’d rather be elbow-deep in our laundry than any other team’s,” she said.

Rogers, along with senior Annie Timmermann, is one of two head managers for the women’s basketball team. Together, Rogers and Timmermann lead a team of five managers — six before freshman Nicole Benz walked onto the team in late December — that act as the glue that holds the program together.

“Maggie and Annie sort of run the ship,” Katie Capps, director of basketball operations, said. “They come to me and let me know if there’s problems. If we’re low on this or need to order more of that — they run it. It becomes their team; I’m just overseeing and making sure there’s no big issues.”

They are assisted by fellow student managers Saint Mary’s senior Maggie Maloney, junior Colleen Iannone, junior Jackie Collins, sophomore Molly Light and Saint Mary’s sophomore Meghan Mulroe.

Armed with each of the manager’s class schedules, Rogers and Timmermann are in charge of scheduling the staff to ensure that there are enough people available for practice, meetings, equipment training and packing.

In order for practice to run smoothly, the managers arrive an hour early to set up and stay an hour late to tear down, Rogers said. From organizing the practice uniforms and filling water bottles, to running the shot clock and keeping track of player-specific stats, the managers are involved in every aspect of practice.

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