Indiana Bicentennial Flares Through Campus

Rasmus Jorgensen | October 11, 2016

Indiana’s 200th birthday party took a turn through a quiet Notre Dame campus last Saturday afternoon, an unheralded moment on a cool, sunny day that happened to coincide with the television broadcast of a football game played on a wet, windswept field some 575 miles away.

A dozen photographers and roughly the same number of spectators gathered around noon at the corner of Angela and Eddy and waited for something to happen. When the escort of police cars and motorcycles arrived, it seemingly blocked the street.

Students missed the moment when history arrived in the form of the Indiana Bicentennial Torch, carried in a beige convertible Studebaker — the pride of South Bend — a car so beautiful that it can be hard to understand why they stopped making them so long ago.

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 by Daily Domer Staff

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