Integrated Imaging Facility Wins Award

Brad Smith | April 24, 2015 


The Notre Dame Integrated Imaging Facility (NDIIF) is pleased to announce two awards for best imaging publications for the 2014 calendar year.

The Best Electron Microscopy Imaging Publication 2014 is awarded to Rajesh Sahadevan, a post-doctoral research associate with Professor W. A. Phillip in in the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering. Sahadevan and coworkers published a paper titled “Mixed Mosaic Membranes Prepared by Layer­by­Layer Assembly for Ionic Separations”. The project addressed the fabrication of mixed mosaic membranes (MMMs) with discrete positively charged and negatively charged domains. Due to this unique nanostructure, MMMs are capable of selectively separating dissolved ions from similarly-sized neutral solutes.

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 by Daily Domer Staff

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