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Michael O. Garvey | August 11, 2015 


The University of Notre Dame’s Center for Civil and Human Rights, in partnership with Georgetown University’s Religious Freedom Project, is co-hosting the International Conference on Christian Response to Persecution. The conference, a major component of the first systematic global investigation of the persecution of Christians, will take place at the Pontifical Urbaniana University in Rome on Dec. 10-12.

The investigation, a project called “Under Caesar’s Sword,” has dispersed a team of 14 researchers, representing the world’s leading scholars of Christianity in their respective regions, around the world to some 100 beleaguered Christian communities in more than 30 countries including China, Indonesia, Nigeria, Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Pakistan and India. Their findings will be publicized in the major international conference in Rome.
Organizations that monitor human rights violations are widely in agreement that Christians constitute the world’s most widely persecuted religion. A recent report of The Pew Research Center found that between June 2006 and December 2012, Christians faced harassment and intimidation in 151 countries, more than any other religious group.

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