Jeffrey Feder

William G. Gilroy | October 14, 2016

Jeffrey Feder

University of Notre Dame biologist Jeffrey Feder will lead a team of researchers funded by a new $2 million grant from the Dimensions of Biodiversity program of theNational Science Foundation (NSF) to examine how when one insect shifts its season it allows others to follow and generates new biodiversity.

The Dimensions of Biodiversity program is NSF’s flagship interdisciplinary endeavor aimed at filling the most substantial gaps in our understanding of the diversity of life on Earth.

The program funded a total of 10 national and international grants totaling $18.9 million in 2016 that “will allow us to find new ways of understanding how organisms form, interact and change through time,” says James Olds, NSF assistant director for biological sciences, “investigating some of the least-known and perplexing innovations of nature.”

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