Jon Camden

Brandi Klingerman | August 30, 2016

Jon Camden

One of the areas that Jon Camden, associate professor of chemistry and biochemistry and affiliated faculty member of ND Energy and Advanced Diagnostics and Therapeutics, is researching is how to harness the sun’s heat absorbed by the nanoparticles and conduct it to create energy.

Currently, solar cells absorb the sun’s light based on their size and then the light is converted into energy. However, plasmonic nanoparticles have a significant capability to absorb light, but it is still unknown how to harness the light being absorbed and then conduct it into usable energy.

“Discovering how to control the heat or energy absorbed by the plasmonic nanoparticles is one of the questions my lab is trying to answer,” said Camden. “Answering this is applicable both to solar energy as well as light-driven water splitting – a process that can be used to make a hydrogen, clean-burning fuel.”

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