Life After Notre Dame

Kathleen Schuler | February 11, 2016 


Kendra Reiser (class of 2015, psychology) spent her senior year of high school applying for colleges where she could find a home, a family. A place that she could return to in the decades following graduation and feel just as connected as she did when she first arrived as a freshman.

She applied to multiple colleges and universities, including Notre Dame. She received her acceptance to Notre Dame in the fall, along with an offer to be a part of the Glynn Family Honors Program. She would have to wait until spring to hear back from other schools, including her father’s alma mater. When the acceptance letter came for her father’s school, she had a big decision to make: go to a school close to her home in Seattle—one that many members of her family had attended—or go to the university two plane rides and 2,000 miles away in northern Indiana? Her parents told her to pray on it and take her time.

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