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Nina Welding | May 2, 2017

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Martin Haenggi, the Frank M. Freimann Professor of Electrical Engineering and concurrent professor in the Department of Applied and Computational Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Notre Dame, has been named the recipient of two prestigious awards from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics (IEEE) Communications Society: the 2017 Stephen O. Rice Prize and the 2017 Best Survey Paper Award.

The Rice Prize is the IEEE’s top award for papers in communication theory. Haenggi’s paper “Coordinated Multipoint Joint Transmission in Heterogeneous Networks,” which appeared in the Nov. 2014 issue of IEEE Transactions on Communications and was co-authored by Paolo Minero and Gaurav Nigam, was selected for its elegant and innovative approaches and use of stochastic geometry in considering the problem of base station cooperation in the downlink of heterogeneous cellular networks.

Haenggi was also recognized for the insights provided in the paper “Stochastic Geometry for Modeling, Analysis, and Design of Multi-tier and Cognitive Cellular Wireless Networks: A Survey.” Published in the Jan. 2013 issue of IEEE Communications Surveys & Tutorials, the paper was co-authored by Hesham ElSawy and Ekram Hossain. 

A faculty member since 2001 and director of the Emerging Wireless Architectures Laboratory at the University, Haenggi has devised a variety of new mathematical methods for the interference characterization and performance analysis of wireless systems that are in widespread use — including his work on general (non-Poisson) network models, the analysis of the impact of secrecy constraints in wireless networks and the interpretation of interference as a correlated random field in space and time. 

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