Meet the Notre Dame Leprechaun

Brian Plamondon | October 29, 2015 


When interviewing for an internship in the spring of 2014, current Notre Dame senior John Doran had a problem—he was hoping to become Notre Dame's leprechaun, so he didn't want to shave his beard just a week before the tryout.

Doran not only got the internship but also won the competition to become Notre Dame's leprechaun, becoming the first junior to hold the post since 1999. Despite his experience last year, the rules required Doran to go through the tryout process again.
"They're looking for someone that they can trust is number one," Doran said. "I don't want to sound like I'm making it too profound, but there's more to it than just running around on the field.
"They want somebody that can speak in public a lot … [because even though] people aren't going someplace to hear you speak necessarily, they still want someone who isn't going to be awkward.

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