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Barbara Villarosa | March 2, 2017


Two words, community and engagement, simply and separately defined by Mirriam-Webster as a unified body of individuals with common characteristics and interests, and an arrangement to meet or be present at a specified time and place, respectively. Alone, these words have apathetic meaning, yet when combined, they create a dynamic and evolutionary term. An expression that embodies Notre Dame’s culture and identity and characterizes widely its institutional commitment for the common good. 
Community engagement is nothing new to Notre Dame, as it has formed the foundation of a long-standing tradition for decades to engage students in service throughout the surrounding community and beyond. In fact, over 80% of students participate in some form of service during their undergraduate career, and approximately 10% of each year’s class spend a year or more in full-time volunteer service after graduation. Faculty also play an integral role in community engagement. Many of them are closely affiliated with their local schools, churches, and organizations, where they are able to share their research expertise and knowledge to benefit these specific groups and individuals. These engagements have enabled Notre Dame to make significant contributions to the community at large and help provide resources that may not otherwise exist.
As the University strives to engage in external collaborations that extend and deepen Notre Dame’s impact, so too is ND Energy working to align its activities in support of this goal. The following short stories demonstrate our commitment to providing unique opportunities for students, faculty and staff to engage community members in programs that inform participants about the energy research at Notre Dame and other, key energy topics.

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