ND-GAIN to Assess Urban Adaptation

Notre Dame News | January 11, 2015 


The University of Notre Dame Global Adaptation Index (ND-GAIN) will lead an adaptation advisory committee to determine local adaptation indicators for the United States, using these indicators to create a five-city pilot urban adaptation assessment.

Funded by the Kresge Foundation, ND-GAIN will convene an advisory committee of leading U.S. adaptation influencers, including both researchers and practitioners working on resilience. This committee will create the first set of national measures for urban adaptation and will populate the measures for five initial cities, to be identified once the study is underway.
ND-GAIN will compile and analyze the city data, producing assessments focusing on local geographies’ vulnerability to droughts, fires, floods, superstorms and other natural disasters and, uniquely, how ready they are to successfully implement adaptation solutions. The 18-month project will inform adaptation policies and investments that prepare people and their environment for a changed future. The assessments will be used by government, business and nonprofit leaders, who can apply them to decisions that improve livelihoods and save lives now and in the future.

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 by Daily Domer Staff

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