ND Grad Finds His Calling in the Church

David Lueking | November 20, 2014 

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As a young boy, Michael McCusker demonstrated the disposition that would serve him well in life. He is now a brother with the Benedictine monks of the St. Louis Abbey, and will be a priest in the next year or so.
“From his youngest days, he showed a great kindness and concern for others,” said Denis McCusker, his father. “We certainly could see he was the kind of person who would be great in this vocation.”
One memory stands out for Denis McKusker. Michael and his younger brother by 15 months, Kevin, were learning to ride bicycles in their driveway in Warson Woods, and Kevin picked it up before his 4-year-old brother. This delighted Michael, who was neither envious nor upset.
“It was amazing how excited and happy Michael was for his brother; it just didn’t bother him at all that his younger brother learned to ride a two-wheeler before he did,” Denis McCusker said. “That was typical of the way he looked at other people.”
Not that Denis and his wife, Susan, had young Michael “pegged for the priesthood at 5 years old,” as his father said, but they saw in him the empathy and demeanor for it. “I don’t think we were surprised when he told us he was leaning in that direction,” Denis said.
Neither were his siblings – older brother Pat; older sister Kate; and Kevin. “I asked them, ‘Are you surprised?’ and they said, ‘No. Not really,’” said Brother John, Michael’s religious name. “They saw it in me. This life, this vocation of priesthood, fits who I am.”


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