Seniors Reflect on Involvement With CUSE

Kathleen Schuler | November 28, 2016

Fellowships Splash

The Flatley Center for Undergraduate Scholarly Engagement (CUSE) at the University of Notre Dame promotes the intellectual development of Notre Dame undergraduates through scholarly engagement, research, creative endeavors, and the pursuit of fellowships. Although CUSE works with over 1,000 Domers each year, not everyone knows about all of its services. CUSE sat down with four senior CUSE Sorin Scholars — Kiley Adams (biological sciences), Ian Tembe (chemical engineering and philosophy), Grace Watkins (philosophy), and Emily Zion (biochemistry) — to speak about the benefits that CUSE has provided for them, and why other students should work with CUSE during their time here.

Q: What brought you into the CUSE office for the first time?

Ian Tembe (IT): I wanted to become a Rhodes Scholar, and I heard that CUSE was the place to go for guidance. Sorin Scholars appealed to me as well. The main selling point of Sorin Scholars for me was the individualized counseling on national and international fellowships offered.                                                         

Grace Watkins (GW): A professor suggested that I apply for the Sorin Scholars as a way of finding a community of intellectually curious, like-minded students, so I visited CUSE to learn more about the program. I also wanted assistance in learning how to marry my policy and organizing interests to academic research.

Emily Zion (EZ): Kiley and I talked about this yesterday. The first time we came to CUSE was for our Sorin Scholars interviews. Neither of us had known about CUSE as a freshman. I wish we had.

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