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Natalie Weber | April 29, 2017

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This summer, when Notre Dame students, faculty and staff begin to use new ID cards, they will find a notable component of the old ID cards missing — the barcode. Though the new cards will still feature magnetic strip technology — which uses the black line found on the back of current ID cards — they will also feature chip technology, according to Irish1Card program director, Daniel Tormey.

The ultimate goal of the project is to transition out of magnetic strip technology and move into chip technology, which is more secure, Tormey said.

“Mag[netic] strip technology has been in place for many many decades and it’s fairly inexpensive and fairly reliable,” he said. “But also, it’s not very secure.”

Tormey said current magnetic strip technology makes it easy to produce duplicates of ID cards.

“It’s very easy to duplicate or clone cards and so lots of schools and now many are ahead of us where they’re transitioning or have transitioned to more secure contactless chips,” he said.

Tormey said the new ID card chips will feature a “touch, hold and go” system, rather than the credit card style chips that must be inserted into a chip reader.

“One of the things I usually point out too, when we talk about chips and cards, this is not the credit card, EMV chip, so it’s not that kind of customer experience where you slide it into a reader and you’re not really sure what to do at that point,” he said.

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