Notre Dame hosts Symposium in London

Stephanie Healey | December 11, 2014 


The Department of Physics at the University of Notre Dame recently hosted the first annual Notre Dame Europe Symposium on Nuclear Science and Society on October 27-29 at the Notre Dame London Global Gateway. Sponsored by Notre Dame International and organized by physics professors Ani Aprahamian, Umesh Garg, and Michael Wiescher, the symposium attracted more than 50 scientists representing more than 20 institutions across Europe. Over the three day symposium, the talks focused on the applications of nuclear science in the healthcare and energy, especially the research work currently underway in the United Kingdom.

One broad area of conversation focused on the UK’s energy policy, specifically examining the need to create new nuclear reactors. Several scientists voiced concerns that the number of potential people in the UK with the appropriate skills set for careers in nuclear science and energy is dwindling. The group also discussed several aspects for the potential new nuclear reactors in the UK, including the possible challenges of having a several different types of reactors rather than a standard design for the entire system.

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