Notre Dame to Nicaragua

Beth Grisoli '87 | April 14, 2015

A few months ago, I was invited on an all-expense paid trip out of the country for spring break. Sounds a bit exotic, doesn’t it? The Notre Dame chapter of Global Medical Brigades planned to take 34 students, five volunteer doctors, one dentist and a dental hygienist to Nicaragua to provide basic health care. The problem was they had no chaperone from the university to accompany them. No chaperone, no trip. So one night my daughter called from a club meeting with a hint of desperation in her voice, and I jumped at the opportunity.

“I’d love to!” I told her, as my husband sat there utterly shocked. I read his mind: “You? The one who hates campground bathrooms so much you dehydrate yourself so you won’t have to use them? You want to spend a week in rural Nicaragua in the midst of poverty?” Then I reminded him I was the one who had always dreamed of joining the Peace Corps but never had the guts. It would be glorious. Heck, I could hack seven days of roughing it.

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 by Daily Domer Staff

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