Online Italian Courses Now Offered

Carrie Gates | November 8, 2014 


Notre Dame undergraduate students interested in studying Italian now have more flexibility than ever before.

The Department of Romance Languages and Literatures successfully launched a series of computer-enhanced Italian courses over the last year, combining a traditional classroom environment with online instruction. The department also offered an online-only beginning Italian class during the summer of 2014.
“The point, really, is to make our classes more accessible for students,” said Alessia Blad, an associate professional specialist in the department.
By creating a more flexible format for its beginning courses, she said, the department can connect with more students who want to learn the language.
These Italian courses are an important and innovative addition to the University’s digital offerings, said Elliott Visconsi, chief academic digital officer at Notre Dame.
“Universities across the world are turning to proven digital tools and strategies to enhance language learning at the introductory level. We are proud of the work that Alessia and our colleagues in Italian are doing to provide our students an exceptional experience in the College of Arts and Letters. Adding a digital layer to an on-campus course can provide real-time feedback, greater personalization and flexibility, and more effective mastery of concepts.
“Notre Dame’s digital strategy flows from our deep commitment to the residential model and the shared bond between faculty and students, a bond that digital learning tools and strategies can help to strengthen.”

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