Police in the Streets

John Rudolf | July 17, 2015

Steven Mattioli is telling me a cop story. Mattioli is a lieutenant in the New York Police Department, a platoon commander in the 48th precinct in the South Bronx. He’s class of ’85 with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and one of a handful of Notre Dame graduates on the force. Over 23 years, he’s worked patrol, narcotics, organized crime, internal affairs and counterterrorism. He was born and raised in the Bronx and works in the same precinct where his parents grew up, where the demographics have shifted from Irish and Italian to Dominican and Puerto Rican. He’s come full circle back to patrol, where every cop begins their career, but as a supervisor now. He likes patrol. It’s the variety.

The story starts with a homicide last fall. Mattioli was working the midnight shift, 12 to 8, and around dawn a 911 caller reported shots fired. He and his driver raced to the location and found a man shot seven times, DOA, his body sprawled on the sidewalk and no shooter in sight. Mattioli secured the area and sent a team to notify the victim’s next of kin. The dead man had drugs on him. He also had a long rap sheet, and the killing looked drug-related, like a good deal of homicides in the South Bronx.

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