Rebecca Blais

Kathleen Schuler | November 18, 2015

Rebecca Blais, a current sophomore from New Smyrna Beach, FL, was introduced to Notre Dame in 2012 when she first visited the campus. Upon arrival, she fell in love with the school - its culture, mission, academics, and most importantly, its people. From that point on, her life was never the same.

Flash forward to two years later - Fall, 2014 - when she set foot on the campus again, this time as an undergraduate student. Although Rebecca adjusted her intended major and studies according to her newfound interests and ignited passions, she eventually settled on a course of study that would combine political science, psychology, and sustainability studies.

While freshman year brought with it new and exciting fields of study, engaging discussions with peers, collegiate events, and more, the most valuable aspect of Rebecca’s time at Notre Dame became the friends she made with whom she shared in the first year experience. One of these friends was a young man named Jeevith from Sri Lanka. Due to the fact that Thanksgiving break lasted only a few short days and the cost (and in Jeevith’s case, length) of the flight home, she and Jeevith ended up spending Thanksgiving together with two other friends.

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