Rediscovering the West

Jason Kelly '95 | October 21, 2015

Gary Belovsky ’72 tied flies using his dog’s hair and taught himself to cast in his suburban Chicago backyard, pretending to fish for trout in Montana’s teeming rivers. A flatlander by birth, he could see the mountains only in his mind. They exerted a gravitational pull on his imagination.

On a family vacation when he was 13, Belovsky experienced the majesty of the peaks, the immensity of the sky, the purity of the water, the sheer square mileage between himself and everybody else. Someday he would live in Montana, he declared to his parents on that trip.
He had an inheritance coming to him then, not long after his grandfather’s death, and a boy’s impulse to spend a pocketful of money. Could he put it toward as much Montana land as it could buy?

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 by Daily Domer Staff

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