Fr. Jenkins: Charge to the Class of 2015

Notre Dame News | May 17, 2015 


Class of 2015, you leave Notre Dame with many great achievements and memorable moments. One that will always remain is that you will always be the class that helped us send Father Theodore Hesburgh, C.S.C., to his final rest with God. As long as I live, I will cherish the memory of many of you standing shoulder to shoulder, quietly and reverently on a very cold day, along the path from the Basilica to Holy Cross cemetery, to pay tribute on Father Ted’s final journey across campus.

And so, as my charge to you today, I will read Father Ted’s charge to the class of 1987, his final class as president of Notre Dame. I quote:
“We trust that the values you’ve learned here, the joy of truth, the exhilaration of beauty, the strength of goodness, the passion for justice, the quiet courage born of prayer, the love and compassion we owe our fellow human beings, the modesty and humility that our human frailty dictates to us, the inner dignity of all things truly human, even before they are born and not ending until they die."

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 by Daily Domer Staff

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