Robinson More Than Meets the Eye

John Heisler | May 1, 2017

Corey Robinson

University of Notre Dame senior-to-be wide receiver Austin Webster absolutely remembers meeting Corey Robinson for the first time.

"I knew about him before I ever stepped in a room with him because of the name, so I was already on the lookout for what Corey was about," says Webster, named a captain of the 2017 Notre Dame football squad.

It was June 2014. Robinson already had completed his first full year in South Bend with the Irish football squad. Webster was beginning summer school classwork in advance of his freshman football season to come that fall.

Says Webster, "He was the first guy to come up and introduce himself. In a polite but strong manner, he said, `Hi, I'm Corey Robinson, if you need anything, let me know. I'm here for you.'

"I was no one at that point. So that first day, for him to introduce himself before I had ever enrolled in the fall, and he was just a sophomore--from Day One you got a sense of the aura about him, how he interacted with his teammates in terms of friendliness.

"There was not one person on the team who felt like he was unapproachable. If you wanted to talk about anything he would talk for hours and be fully invested in what you were talking about. In any conversation you had with him you were the most important thing at that time."

That June day marked the first interaction between Webster and Robinson. There have been dozens more over the last three years--and Webster has watched Robinson's growth and achievements on and off the field.

Says Webster now, "He's either going to cure cancer, solve world hunger or become president."

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