Sheila's Gift

John Nagy '00M.A. | December 18, 2015

On the wall in a classroom of the George Washington Carver School, in a village in the Haitian mountains so remote that the nearest rugged road lies a two-hour walk away, hangs a framed photograph of a quiet mother of six from Milton, Massachusetts, whose life was so large and open-hearted that memorial services after her death were celebrated in two countries. The photograph was taken in 2012. The woman’s name is Sheila Becker Gailius.

Preserved in at least a few cell phones in that suburb of Boston is another photograph. This one shows a young man and a young woman, their shirts soaked and faces gleaming after a day’s hike in the searing Haitian sun. This photo was taken in 2014. Tim Gailius ’15 and his sister Caroline stand on either side of Sheila’s portrait at Washington Carver, awed that their mother’s brief visit there two years earlier had made such an impact on the village and its children.

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 by Daily Domer Staff

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