Snite Museum of Art

Snite Museum of Art | August 6, 2015 


July 28 through November 15, 2015:

Visit the Snite Museum of Art to learn the difference over 100 years made in automobile design as seen in three automobiles not likely to be found elsewhere.
The 1905 Cadillac represents utilitarian, affordable, early automobile design. The 1933 Packard is a powerful luxury automobile built for an ultra-wealthy customer. The 2014 Ferrari is a state-of-the-art sports car designed for high performance.
One can easily see how the 1905 Cadillac Model F evolved from a horse drawn vehicle to a “horseless carriage.” It features a nine-horse-power, single-cylinder, engine; two-speed transmission; chain-drive; and it is capable of 25 mph. Frame, body, and wheels are constructed from wood and it is fully loaded with all available 1905 options: oil lanterns and bulb horn. Cost was $950.

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 by Daily Domer Staff

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