The Observer Turns 50

Margaret Hynds, Clare Kossler and Katie Galioto | November 4, 2016 

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Fifty years ago today, the first copies of a new student publication appeared around campus. Students heading into the dining hall or on their way to class picked up The Observer Vol. 1, Issue 1 — some out of curiosity, some out of boredom and some on a whim.

When they picked up the paper, they would have seen that day’s top stories: “Legal Apts. For Off-Campusers Seen as Near” and “Student Stress Study Slated.” And, at the bottom of the page: “A Promise, A Purpose, A Newspaper is Born.”

A lot has changed since then.

Born out of the ashes of the student newspaper The Voice, The Observer joined Scholastic as one of the regular sources for Notre Dame news.

Certainly, The Observer’s coverage has changed, shifted in accordance with the times or in response to issues that have emerged over the years. But it’s more than that — the newspaper’s role on campus, even its day-to-day operations, have radically changed in the five decades since Robert Sam Anson and Stephen Feldhaus first set out with a vision of a new independent student publication.

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