Tyler Newsome Takes Nothing for Granted

Denise Skwarcan | September 21, 2016

Tyler Newsome

Tyler Newsome is hardly a wallflower, and he wears his passions on his sleeve--and on his shorts with his choice of bright colors and bold patterns. Beyond his fashion statements, among other things, are his love for family and a quintet of non-athlete roommates who hail from all over the country, an eclectic taste in music that includes everything from country to rap and a desire to learn.

And underneath Newsome’s flashy wardrobe is a powerful leg that matches his personality. The University of Notre Dame sophomore won the starting punting duties last season and hasn’t looked back. His desire to continue honing his skills, combined with a love for lifting weights and setting goals, could make him one of the best punters to ever wear an Irish uniform. It’s just who Newsome is, and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

“I always like to say if I wasn’t myself who would I be?” Newsome says. “I just don’t want to be another version of someone else. I’d always rather be the first-rate version of myself.”

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 by Daily Domer Staff

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