Under Pressure: A Notre Dame Wednesday

Bridget Galassini | November 23, 2016

6:03 a.m. — Wake to the truck outside your window, loading the recycling and garbage dumpsters at Irish Flats apartment complex. (It is not quiet.) Feel so happy that you have another couple hours of sleep. Commence sleep.

8:27 a.m. — Beep beep beep. Wake up. Grab phone. Turn alarm off. Check for notifications that came in the night:

Gmail: Professor D wants you to re-run the regression for your economics senior research project, using different variables.
iMessage: Mother wants you to make a dinner reservation for the night of graduation. Ask her how many people she has coming. Text dad to ask how many people he has coming. Put the reservation on the to-do list.

Facebook Message: Meghan says she can meet you today at 3 p.m. to talk about being an atheist at Notre Dame for your journalism project. Respond “Perf! See you in the lib then!”

Snapchat: People were at O’Rourkes yesterday. That looks fun. Tom snapped you “Where are you????” Snap him back, “I was in the lib,” with a frowny face.
Instagram: Your bestie Victor tagged you and two other besties in a funny video about an avocado. Laugh.
Weather: 49 degrees now but it’s going to be 65. Rain, but not until the afternoon. Think about what sweatshirt you are going to throw on ahead of time so as to stay in bed a little longer.

 by Daily Domer Staff

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