What I Will Remember About Saying Goodbye to Fr. Ted

Josh Noem '98 | March 13, 2015

I witnessed the funeral and remembrances of Father Theodore Hesburgh, CSC, last week, and I wanted to record some fleeting impressions — both for myself for later, and to share with those from the Notre Dame family who could not be on campus for this event. This is what I will remember:

— His priesthood. No one could miss the fact that being a priest was Father Ted’s most important identity. No one could miss the fact that the men of Holy Cross were his brothers.
— His simple spirituality. Father Ted’s favorite prayer—“Come Holy Spirit”—was indicative of a life of simple faithfulness, which he probably needed to navigate the complexity he faced every day. Priests who spent time with him in his final weeks reported that he would simply speak out loud to Mary in prayerful conversation. He was practicing eternity, and his willingness to do so publicly was yet another way in which he led us.

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 by Daily Domer Staff

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