Studying Piano Improv

Author: Daily Domer Staff

For Andrew White ’12, a doctoral student at the University of Chicago who studies how pianists practiced their instrument in the 19th century, putting music theory and practive together is “very intuitive.”  Read More

ND's Largest Research Grant

Author: Daily Domer Staff

Notre Dame will lead a five-year program to determine the efficacy of a spatial repellent product in preventing mosquito-borne diseases such as malaria, dengue and Chikungunya. Read More

Nina Totenberg

Author: Daily Domer Staff

Nina Totenberg has been covering the United States Supreme Court since Earl Warren’s last year as chief justice, in 1969. As you might imagine, a few things have changed since then. Read More

Education in Afghanistan

Author: Daily Domer Staff

Once on the front lines of war, now Alex Ambrose finds himself on the front lines of another fight: bringing peace and prosperity to war-torn countries. Read More

Stock Option Research

Author: Daily Domer Staff

Some CEOs are profiting from releasing negative news releases leading up to their executive stock option grant date, according to new research from the University of Notre Dame. Read More

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Amor y Amistad

Author: Daily Domer Staff

By the time graduation rolled around, I had lost the attitude problem and the cigarettes but kept Christina and Ian. They had found soul mates, and I had found a friendship that I knew would last for the rest of my life.. Read More

Seasons of Love

Author: Daily Domer Staff

Caroline and I had our own responsibilities, of course, and our uncertain future loomed, but we were together and we were in love, so none of that mattered. It was like summer.   Read More

What a Mess We Are

Author: Daily Domer Staff

What a mess we are, a beautiful, hand-waving, kidney-needing, cigarette-smoking, purgatory-praying, stuffed-animal-gripping, prayerful mess. Read More

Father-Daughter Time

Author: Daily Domer Staff

I was sitting in a university parking lot when my mom told me over the phone that my father was diagnosed with dementia. Read More

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