A Boy and the Game He Loves

Sean Tenaglia '16 | October 16, 2014

Baseball Team 2013

Hall of Fame catcher Roy Campanella once said, “You gotta be a man to play baseball, but you gotta have a lot of little boy in you.”

Memories of Little League ball games played in the sweltering heat of summer linger long after the final out is recorded. Baseball has been, is, and always will be a kid’s game. 

To find out what the game truly means to a kid, just ask Daniel Alexander. To this special 13-year-old, baseball is everything. 

Over the course of the past year, Daniel has become an integral part of the University of Notre Dame baseball family. His courage and determination in the face of immense adversity off the field have served as an incredible source of inspiration for the Irish.

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 by Daily Domer Staff

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