A Family That Prays Together

Josh Noem | April 19, 2017

I have an ongoing email exchange with a doctor in Pittsburgh whom I’ve never met. Every once in a while, out of the blue, I receive a thank-you note from Kurt Weiss ’97.

“Just wanted to say thanks for the daily Gospel and reflections. I am a surgeon who looks after adults and children with cancer, and my days can get pretty lively pretty fast. It’s wonderful to start the day off with the Lord.”

I can’t fathom Kurt’s day — its pace or the content — but I’m encouraged by the reminder that we are both members of the Notre Dame family of faith, doing what we can to build God’s kingdom in our own corners of the world. One of the bonds that connects us is the website I’ve edited since 2012, FaithND.

Every morning, FaithND sends an email to more than 60,000 readers. They contain the day’s Gospel reading and a short reflection from Notre Dame students, alumni, faculty or staff members.

As editor, I get a front-row seat to witness the Spirit at work in the Notre Dame family, and it’s an incredible privilege. When a reader in Kenya responds to a reflection, I see the Spirit who created the world and re-created it in Jesus’ resurrection calling together small faith groups in Nairobi. When a widower comments on the Gospel, I see the Spirit who descended upon Jesus at his baptism (and on us at ours) supporting him in his grief. When the principal of a Catholic grade school reacts to the story of the saint of the day, I see the Spirit who erupted in flame and zeal among the disciples at Pentecost forming faithful children.

This is the same Spirit who helps a surgeon in Pittsburgh get through what might be the most difficult day his patients and their families could ever imagine. “I am operating at the children’s hospital today and will read the daily reflection before I start,” Kurt writes. “It’s so, so helpful!”

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